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About Artisan Crafts / Student CraftyMaelyssFemale/Australia Groups :iconepeom: Epeom
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large sketch (coloured)
My entry for Dawnshard into a Monster Contest by CraftyMaelyss
Hunk A Junk Design: The Marionette's Design by CraftyMaelyss
For large shots of characters in a coloured sketch, it will start at 400 points but may rise depending on complexity and how many colours and effects are used.
Selfies (coloured)
Toy Chica and Hidden Winter SELFIE commission by CraftyMaelyss
For a selfie with another character in colour. Each additional character is 50 points.
If you're having an OC drawn, references are a must.
Selifes (uncoloured)
Hidden-Winter and Toy Chica selfie! WIP commission by CraftyMaelyss
This is a selfie without colour. If you want an OC in here, you must provide a reference. Additional characters are an extra 50 points each.
Large uncoloured sketches
Volundur Redesigned: Sketch WIP by CraftyMaelyss
For any type of large sketch commissions that are uncoloured, if you want a specific animal or creature drawn, a reference is required :)
Headshots (sketch)
Hunk A Junk Design: Crystal Redesigned by CraftyMaelyss
If you would like a drawing of a character's head, from the shoulders up, it's 150. For an OC, references are required.
Kameo 2: Lost Memories Chapter 1 by CraftyMaelyss
What's this?
Well I decided that I will write stories for people, depending if I know the subject, what details you want and how long you want the story to be.

What I WON'T do:
~Sexualized drawings/stories/lemons/hentais/yaois/rape
~Demeaning or hateful drawings
~Someone else's OC/story(If you want me to write it then you will have to message the original creator and they will have to send me a note giving me permission to use their characters)
~War/political related things

Remember I'm the one drawing/writing your commission and if it's something that makes me uncomfortable, I simply won't do it.

We'll discuss the story and details, then I will ask for half the payment before I start, depending on what you want in the story, it can range between 200-500 points or more, again depending on the length you want your story.



Realistic Wolf Face Study by Shar-zul

This drawing is very expressive and unique while still showing your drawing style throughout it's characteristics. As SimulacrumLupa me...


Journal History

With my journals, I'll cover a few topics with them being in bold so you can skip to what part you're looking for/interested in.

Live Stream:

Sorry guys, I got caught up in work(and I finished the present from my old friend, I'll upload the photos later) but I had to delay the live stream.

The reason being is I had to lend my microphone to my brother since his died on him and he's waiting for his to show up in the mail(that boy goes
through so many mics, it's not funny) so I tried to record without it since there is a mic in my PC however it could not pick up my voice and without
sound, the live stream would be completely boring.

I will keep trying to find alternatives but until I get my mic back, I won't be doing it anytime soon until my brother's shows up in the mail and it was
meant to be here a few days ago(which sucks but oh well)

That being said, I'm now working on Candles again, so I won't be that active on DA unless I'm on break, so if I leave a quick reply or don't respond as
fast as I used to, that's why.


I have an awesomely incredible surprise coming up in 5-6 days that I'm completely stoked about! :la: I won't spoil it but I have been patiently waiting 
for this and this is a completely new thing for me as I've never done this before :D


The demo for Candles is being worked on, separate to the full game and it's coming along nicely. We now have an incredibly talented musician also
working with Epeom on the game too! I highly recommend checking out his work as it's incredible and he does a variety of work from covers to his
own original songs:

Once the demo is ready, teasers, wallpapers, sneak peaks and such will be available through the Epeom group here on DA:

As well as on my YouTube channel:


Epeom is starting to come together as a fantastic group consisting of amazing and fantastic artists with different skills that really add to Epeom,
giving a wide variety of different styles, skills and experience. 

Right now we have a fantastic musician(as I mentioned above, seriously check out his work),
five amazing digital and traditional artists,
two cool blender artists,
A somewhat experienced unity programmer and coder
and a funky script writer.

I have learned a fair bit about blender, Unity and about coding using the C# script and this has greatly improved Epeom's pace with working
on Candles but we still have spots open for anyone who is interested in joining Epeom to work on Candles, however the game is absolute secrecy and
cannot be shared with anyone outside of Epeom.

We are currently looking for:
Experienced Blender artists(this includes creating custom models, rigging, animation, etc)
Experienced Unity users
Experienced coders using C# scripts

What we are not looking for yet:
Voice Actors
(this pops up with every Epeom/Candles related journal so I'm putting it here to avoid the same questions being asked)

Hunk A Junk:

The rough cover for the comic series has been partially done but will be worked on in my spare time. I'm currently reorganizing my
schedule so I have more time to do arts and crafts along with digital/traditional artwork and still have most of my time dedicated to Candles and Epeom.
Hunk A Junk Teaser by CraftyMaelyss
There's more information on the comic if you click on the picture and read the description there.


I will try to do weekly videos on YouTube if I can and discuss random topics. I have a few ideas on what videos I want to do
but I still plan to do Let's Plays and finish those series that have been left incomplete for so long however I also plan to do a
few reviews on certain topics, shows, movies or whatever takes my fancy at the time :)


My old stories from Hunk A Junk to the Gamer's Tulpa to Heroes of the Gaming World and the rest I will try to catch up on
but they will mostly be in my free/spare time or whenever I feel like it. Remember, if I don't work on something for a while
does not mean it's cancelled. If I cancel something, I will publicly announce it, so unless I say it, it's not cancelled.


I also have a twitch channel in case people weren't aware :P


CraftyMaelyss's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
I like to create various types of artwork and I love creating plushie designs because I enjoy a good challenge :)

I've also created two art groups, The-Abandoned-Games and Retro-Treasures. Currently I am working on a trailer for a video series of my Five Nights at Freddy's Fanfic, Hunk A Junk, which can be found in my gallery in it's own folder :P

I enjoy writing, drawing, making plush toys, daydreaming, playing the xbox and my old playstation, though not necessarily in that order :P

Give llama? Get llama! :la: .........................................................................Ultimate Ninja of Sneakiness!

BOOKER-I mean Kameo-CATCH!!.......................................................That feeling when you say the wrong thing in fandoms
........................................ ..

Trolls be like:

"Hugs you say? I'd best oblige!"................................Awkward moment? Don't know what to say or do? Then SHUT UP AND DANCE!!! :D

Reality be like:

The following image contains blood:…

This is what happens when you cyber bully a person, so think carefully before you say something because this can be prevented and no one wants blood on their hands. If you're against cyber bullying then share this image and stand up for those that can't. So think twice before telling someone to "kys" also you can always call the suicide hotline if you're in a very dark place: 13 11 14 (Australian)

Guys, since a lot of people don't like getting 'thank you's for llamas anymore, I won't be doing it so it won't annoy anyone, that and it's getting very time consuming to go around thanking everyone and there really isn't enough time in the day for me to do that anymore, even though I really want to. I hope everyone understands that I truly appreciate all the attention and love my artwork has received, thank you guys so much for all the comments, favourites, llamas and DeviantWatches, it makes me so proud that more people enjoy what I do so from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much and have an epic day! :D

Sorry guys but I can't do tags anymore :(

Just chillin :) (deviation belongs to FaithSDK and is used with permission)

If you're here about the DeviantArt Police Force, go talk to them. I do not have time to do these cases anymore, so please stop asking me.
If you're being harassed read this:…



If you want to do quick, improvised art, I highly recommend trying this out:
*Takes puppy outside to use toilet*
*notices big-ass carpet python in the front garden*
*heads to the backyard*
*bats swooping*
*takes Puppy inside and lets her crap in the shower*

I'd rather clean up Ruby's mess instead of her being eaten by a snake or attacked by bats. The Carpet snake was as thick as my upper arm and I'm sure it was drawn there since Ruby prefers using that spot for her toilet :/
Ruby's had her first bath(and wasn't too fond of it) but we were able to get more fleas off her and now she's just snuggled on my lap and sleeping after the ordeal(poor puppy :( )

We also gave her a bone for her to chew on and from her reaction(she had no idea what it was at first and instantly loved it after taking a lick) she's never been given any meat or decent food besides the cheap store brand dog food.
*Crazy dancing from excitement*Lee Epic Dance Rock Lee Dance Naruto Dancing Seizure Kitty Dance Foxy's MLG Victory Dance (Chat Icon) Kitty Dance Spyro Dancing By Gold94chica Nodding Spyro Emote 50x50 Cool Spyro Anime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6] Dancing Pumkin head 4 Party Hard! Markiplier Dancing Scopophobia We Like To Party! (TF2 Chat Icon) Dansu plz 

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CraftyMaelyss has started a donation pool!
305 / 10,000
This is so we can commission artists here on Deviantart to help do artwork for Hunk A Junk, a Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction story, which is being made into a YouTube video series but to get this project going I need help, there's still spots for voice actors and we need artists to draw each scene to complete the trailer. If interested, please note me for details.

There is also a raffle/contest for those who donate, details can be found here on how to enter:…

The other purpose is to commission artists to draw Kameo: Elements of Power characters and comics to help raise awareness of this underrated game that has many secrets and a very long past, this is done through the group The-Abandoned-Games however I cannot set it up on that page for some reason so I have to set it up here.

All donations are appreciated, no matter how small :)

You must be logged in to donate.


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